Dussmann selects United Robots to enhance the cleaning process in an industrial automation factory.

Dussmann, the leading facility management company, has partnered with United Robots- a provider of autonomous cleaning robots. This partnership will bring innovative cleaning technology to one of Dussmann’s customers, improving efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. The robots have already been deployed and are enhancing the daily work of staff in an industrial automation factory.

The Dussmann Group is a global leader in facility management, providing a wide range of services to clients in over 30 countries. The partnership with United Robots will allow Dussmann to offer its clients even more comprehensive and efficient service.

With the deployment of autonomous cleaning robots, Dussmann aims to optimize its cleaning operations, leading to improved productivity and higher standards of cleanliness. These intelligent machines leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced sensors to navigate through dynamic environments, effectively avoiding obstacles and ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage.

„Deploying the robot in an extremely dynamic environment with live production was a fascinating engineering challenge. It’s a great satisfaction to see the robot avoiding all moving objects without a single problem with localisation.” says Konrad Cop, CTO at United Robots.

The partnership also includes the installation of two docking stations to facilitate the seamless operation and maintenance of the cleaning robots. These docking stations serve as central hubs for the robots, enabling them to recharge their batteries and refill the detergents and water. The strategic placement of the docking stations further enhances the efficiency of the cleaning operations, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

“As a company that always crave to provide our customers services at the highest level it was a natural step for us to tight with a supplier which delivers not only an autonomous cleaning robot but also shares their expertise and know-how so we can develop also in strategic areas and react even faster for the changing requirements of our customers.” says Mateusz Czerwiński, Head of Sales in Dussmann.

Furthermore, this collaboration between Dussmann and United Robots represents just the beginning of a long-term partnership. Both companies are committed to continuous innovation and exploring new avenues to enhance facility management services. As part of their shared vision for the future, Dussmann plans to expand its fleet of autonomous cleaning robots with United Robots.

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